Why Independent Delhi Escorts

Why Independent Delhi Escorts

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Hi Guys

Wish you guys a great evening of this lovely Sunday, 7th of July 2013. Here in Delhi today the atmosphere is very nice and bit of lovely with clouds wandering over in the sky and giving some relief from the hot and sunny days of these heating season. Just having word with a person over the last night and still on the go, he was just sending lot of sms, whatsapp message etc and also called few times and is demanding me to accompany him for a week long holiday to UK and before that a day to Singapore. He was just chatting with me and asking hell number of questions about me with my passport copy, education, this, that bla bla bla and finally late in the night asked me for my photograph to put in the passport form and said “GIVE ME YOUR FULL STANDING PIC”, do anyone believe such a person who is asking for full standing pic to put in a passport form. So then and their I realized that he is not asking for a trip but is kind of fishing person who just contact Delhi Escorts and specially Independent Delhi Escorts and entice them for large money and foreign trips and demand for their pictures, instead of asking straight for the pics. Today morning he came back on the messages asking for further information and then at last just asked “if we do not make friends?”. Do you think he is kind of crack or mental or some kind of irritating person who is asking such a question even he was told several times that this is an Escorts service and not I am not here to create a circle of friend as I have lot of them during my college times and in my modeling profession as well. To the end when he was given a one piece answer with a capital NO then he behaved like I am having an Ego within me, but to ask him what the F**k he is doing wasting my time from evening and just not coming straight to the point.

He tell himself to be a big soldier and trying to make fool out of people around on the internet, he must know that the person he was talking with last night is 100% genuine and real one whom he was trying to be fool. I am not saying that he is totally wrong but he is kind of Psycho or something who just waste lot of time instead of coming straight to the point and he want friend then someone must tell him about Facebook where he can have lot of them, but here he is to hire Escorts Service in Delhi and always have to keep thing in mind instead of asking hundreds of waste questions.

From his conversation I felt why people search for Independent Delhi Escorts, as they know an Independent escort girl is a female and they have chances to fish them easily and quickly and give them lust for money and more profit from them and use them, but Boy beware when a Delhi escort girl got furious then you will stand nowhere and will run a part in the dark.

Love you all

Ritu Rana

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